World’s Best MMORPG World of Warcraft- Atlantiss Nethering Gold

“World of Warcraft” (below, “WoW”), which is supported by a worldwide best MMORPG currently. Above all, totally different from the sale to them. According to data released by Blizzard Entertainment in March of this year, more than 1.5 million sales worldwide. Starting with North America, Europe, officially launched in Korea and became a big hit both unprecedented. Concurrent players to break through that at least 50 million people. Other MMORPG completely overwhelming hazy get “strength” which show off.

Blizzard brand shines brilliantly in a PC gaming world, “Warcraft” is a MMORPG with a back that came on board world.Maranai rather strange expectations of gamers around the world. And “WoW” is extremely Mari Takashi obvious that we all expect, he has emerged as a mature, brilliant game. This record is said to hit a natural result.

Immediately after the official launch of the first time in less heat, and multiple server failure. Fans can meet the heat of Blizzard Entertainment, but rather have a server that can withstand high loads, far more than expected “success” that I had become. Blizzard Entertainment has issued “rather than one year after success had assumed it had come from a six-week” comment, the author also no excuse joke, sounds like the truth.

Japanese people and their Onraingemufan this “festival” which had been completely missed. This is bigger that the release of the Japanese version was shelved, but the biggest factor that had been repelled from the area are eligible for the Japanese community than anything else. However, enabling users to register this year from Japan, and Japan also supports credit card, deregulation was carried out. Japanese version of the story but no still be a significant step forward for the Japanese fans for sure.

Already, players like the Japanese to admit the new ones like interesting things, “WoW” has infiltrated the world of play. Well, never to late.

“Warcraft” is a series known to work without saying a typical RTS. The first film appeared in 1994 from a year rather is probably a rare feel the rings series titles alone. Exquisite balance and polished game, played in the heat of the net can easily participate, unmatched by any other. Its popularity is still unabated, human, night elves, orcs, undead is jumbled up and the battle has been waged day and night.

“Warcraft” is not the only attraction of the game itself is interesting. Trapped under the fantasy stories woven Each race has become a stunning epic Hiroshi Hazime throughout the series. Was released in 2002, especially “Warcraft III” is, RTS was incorporated plenty of innovative work that the main character hero story, yet the various tribes. This “Warcraft III” With the advent of, “Warcraft” the world has grown more depth, he grabs the hearts of the fans.

Thus has been building throughout the series “Warcraft” the world of the adventure game player as one character, “World of Warcraft” is a. Of course, “Warcraft” more than enough fun without having to know the world of MMORPG that is, knowing the history of the world have been accumulated, to ensure that the taste with a double. In this sense, “Warcraft III” is “WoW” can lead to important hints to catch.